Customer service award

At the annual European self-storage conference 2012 the award “European Customer Service Award of the Year” was handed out for the first time, and it was won by City Self-Storage Europe.

This award was given to an individual, facility or company that had demonstrated excellence in the provision of customer service. City Self-Storage’s focus across Europe in all aspects of customer service, added services and great results in customer satisfaction surveys were the main reasons for winning the award.

As a company City Self-Storage Europe is extremely proud and honored to win the award”, says Niels Meibom-Larsen, COO Europe.

Niels Meibom-Larsen continues “This truly is an award won by every single individual that works for City Self-Storage across Europe, and who make an effort and difference every single day, by building relations to customers, understanding their different needs and putting a smile on their face.”

“In an industry where the core product, the self-storage room in itself, often can become commodity-like, City Self-Storage is very proud to see that our strategic aim and focus across Europe on customer service, key account management and added value services are being highly valued by our customers and awarded by the industry. We do believe that these focuses, combined by the unique people that we employ are the reasons why 2012 will be yet another year of solid growth in both occupancy and revenue.”

Niels Meibom-Larsen finally states “We do also understand that together with winning this award also come the responsibility, on a day-to-day basis for all our employees, to live up to this acknowledgement by providing unrivalled customer service and developing the product further to fulfill and exceed customers expectations.”